Cherry Mobile V2 and V3 Review: Feature Phones With A Sleek and Slim Look

First-time phone users and people who hate using smartphones will love it

Let’s face it: As much as we want the latest tech within our phones, from powerful processors to ultra-sharp cameras, there are times that all we want is just a basic phone that can simply call and text. Also, not everyone is a fan of smartphones.

Take my mom for example: I was offering her to upgrade her aging iPhone 5 but she refused because she wanted a phone that is simple and fuss-free to use. In short, she wanted a decent feature phone to upgrade her aging feature phone which she uses as her mobile landline.

When I got my hands on the Cherry Mobile V2 and V3 feature phones, I knew that I have a nice phone in mind to give to my mom as an early birthday gift.

On the right is the V3 while on the left is the V2.

Both the V3 and V2 are feature phones that have the same aluminum unibody shell and the same 1.5-inch TFT display. What sets them apart is that the V3 has physical buttons, while the V2 has illuminated capacitive buttons and a lone button at the bottom which serves as a lock/unlock switch.

Think of the V2 as a futuristic version of the feature phone.


The V3, on the other hand, goes for a more traditional feature phone design.

As for features, both models have a hybrid SIM card slot that can accommodate a MicroSIM and a NanoSIM (or a MicroSD card) and have a MicroUSB port for charging and for connecting the supplied headset.

Don’t fret if both the V2 and V3 do not have a headphone jack; Cherry Mobile bundled them with a MicroUSB headset and a jelly case to protect that gorgeous aluminum shell.

Aside from the usual feature phone specs, both models have an FM Radio, an E-Book reader, and can serve as a Bluetooth dialer for your smartphone (both Android and iOS are compatible with it).

All you need is to pair it with your smartphone, and you can dial remotely via the V2/V3.

Aside from its Bluetooth dialer capabilities, you can use the V2 and V3 to remotely notify you of updates from your smartphone by installing the BT Notifier app.

Even if the V2 and V3 are small, its battery life is pretty good. On my mom’s use of the V3 (our maid opted for the V2, and she’s also happy with it), she gets to use it for a good three days before needing to recharge it. As for charging, the supplied slow charger tops it up at around 2 hours.

I am definitely recommending these feature phones for those looking for 1) a no-fuss dumb phone or 2) a phone that can serve as a decoy to your smartphone while commuting or traveling to sketchy places.

Both the Cherry Mobile V2 and V3 retail for Php 1,499, and given the features they have, it’s a definite good buy.


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  1. Do the 2 phones slow down when you are composing a SMS of 2 or more pages? Many feature phones slow down in that scenario.

  2. I hope they can produce enough volume to met demand.
    I have difficulty buying a 1st gen basic phone/bluetooth dialer

  3. Where can this be bought? I know it says at a mobile store, but I live in the USA. This would be great for my senior father, who can’t figure out how to use a smart phone for calls, but still has to have one for map navigation.

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