Ultrabook Essentials: Choetech 9-in-1 USB-C Dongle and 61w USB-C GaN Charger

Must-have items for your EDC

With Apple kicking off the “dongle life” trend with the 12-inch MacBook back in 2015, most laptop brands have adopted the trend in effort of making ultrabooks thinner and lighter as ever. Aside from the dongle life, Apple’s 12-inch MacBook also kicked in the trend of ultracompact laptop chargers.

While you have various options for USB-C dongles and compact charger, Choetech’s offering for both make for compelling, must-have items for one’s everyday carry (EDC) with their ultrabooks.

Choetech’s 61w USB-C GaN charger serves as a compact alternative to Apple’s 61w charger for 13-inch MacBook Pros. While it is approximately 50% smaller than Apple’s charger, Choetech’s offering uses GaN tech, which helps in keeping its ultracompact build while being able to sustain charging speeds of up to 61w. Unlike Apple’s charger, Choetech’s GaN charger has a blue LED light to indicate that the charger is in use.

Its 61w maximum charging speed makes Choetech’s GaN charger ideal for most 13-inch laptops in the market that supports USB-C PD charging. Since it also supports Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0, you can use Choetech’s GaN charger for other gadgets like smartphones, tablets, cameras, and many more.

Choetech’s 9-in-1 USB-C dongle is one of the more versatile dongles out there. Made out of aluminum and polycarbonate, you get essential ports like a 100w PD USB-C port, three USB-A 3.0 ports, HDMI port, and an SD and MicroSD card slots that you can use at the same time.

Choetech’s dongle steps it up further, offering a Gigabit Ethernet and a VGA port in case you want to connect your ultrabook to monitors or projectors using the legacy video port.

The 9-in-1 USB-C Dongle is priced at Php 1,810 while the 61w USB-C GaN Charger is priced at Php 1,079. Both items are available at Choetech’s official store in Lazada.

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