DJI Ventures to Robotics with the RoboMaster S1

It is their first ground-based drone

DJI’s latest product has to be the most unique one in its portfolio. Called the RoboMaster S1, it is a ground-based drone with four rugged all-terrain wheels, some form of armor (since you can use it for robotics competitions), and a turret-style camera with an f/2.4 opening and 120-degree FOV. It comes with 21 onboard sensors that aid in mapping the environment, along with wheels that can help it move 360 degrees.

As a “battle drone”, the RoboMaster S1 comes with weaponry in the form of little gel bead bullets that puff up once submerged in water.

Beyond those fancy features, the RoboMaster S1 is an important product for DJI as it is a gateway product for kids who want to learn how to code. Together with the RoboMaster app, users will be guided in coding using Python and Scratch, letting them experiment with different ways to use the RoboMaster S1.

The RoboMaster S1 will be available in the US starting June 12 for $499(~Php 26k).


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