DJI’s Updated Ronin Gimbals Can Shoot in Portrait Mode

Being known for its gimbals, DJI updates its Ronin line of camera gimbals with a few nifty features. Now called the RS 2 and RSC 2 (just as how it simplified the naming of the Osmo Mobile to OM 4), both camera gimbals can rotate the camera into portrait mode with a single tap—which can be useful in those instances that you plan to shoot vertical video. Both also get pre-programmed shooting modes like Time Tunnel—where the gimbal performs a 360-degree roll in hyperlapse, Flashlight—where the gimbal tilts the camera all the way forward, and Roll 360—where the gimbal goes into Flashlight mode and does a 360-degree roll.

The bigger RS 2 can handle camera rigs that weigh up to 10 pounds and has 12-hour battery life. The RS 2’s fast charging feature lets you get 2 hours of use with just a 15-minute charge. Being geared towards heavier cameras, the RS 2 has a SuperSmooth mode that improves stabilization when using telephoto lenses (100mm and longer), along with a dual-layer camera mounting plate that supports both Arca-Swiss and Manfrotto plates, and a 1.4-inch touchscreen to display essential settings.

The RSC 2, on the other hand, has a folding system that makes it more compact when transporting it. Folding the RSC 2 takes up approximately the same footprint as an A5 sheet of paper. Being geared towards mirrorless cameras, the RSC 2 can support up to 6.6 pounds and has a 1-inch screen for displaying essential camera data. Like the RS 2, the RSC 2 is also rated for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

The RS 2 and RSC 2 are available in the US for $849(~Php 41.3k) and $499(~Php 24.3k) respectively. Both models have a  Pro Combo set that includes accessories like a phone holder, Focus Motor, RavenEye Image Transmitter, and dedicated carrying case. That will cost you $999(~Php 48.6k) for the RS 2 and $739(~Php 36k) for the RSC 2.


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