Exploring Barcelona With The Cherry Mobile Selfie Two

We take the Selfie Two for a photo walk at Barcelona

After Mobile World Congress has concluded, we had ample time to roam around Barcelona and explore its sights. For this trip, we brought along the Cherry Mobile Selfie Two, the brand’s budget selfie-centric smartphone. In our reviews, we took note of the Samsung ISOCELL sensors used on the Selfie Two’s front and rear cameras, and how they perform really well if you enable HDR.

While enabling HDR on the Selfie Two incurred a shutter lag (the phone has to process the photo before saving it), the results were quite impressive for a Php 5K smartphone. For this photo walk, we explored three key works of Catalan Architect Antoni Gaudi: Casa Battlo, La Predera, and Sagrada Familia. Check out some of our snaps:

The facade of Casa Battlo. Its colorful details make it stand out amidst other buildings in Passeig de Gràcia.


Stained glass detailing inside Casa Battlo.


A mix of details, ranging from broken tiles to seashell-inspired decor, at Casa Batllo’s courtyard.


Facade of La Predera, which is near Casa Battlo. You cannot miss the building because of its very curvy design.


One of the courtyards inside La Predera. The Selfie Two’s HDR mode did quite a nice job in balancing highlights and shadows in this photo.


At the rooftop of La Predera.


Facade of Sagrada Familia. The weather was good during our visit.


One of the many stained glass artworks inside Sagrada Familia. The Selfie Two’s cameras struggled with low-light shooting, and this is where its HDR mode is pushed to the limit.


The main access door of Sagrada Familia. Since this shot consisted of mixed lighting, the Selfie Two had quite a challenge in capturing this photo.

Overall, the Selfie Two has decent cameras for casual travel photography.  Considering that this phone is priced at Php 5k, it has a pretty good performance, especially with daylight. Shooting in low light is a hit-or-miss affair, and we suggest using the LED flash if you plan to do so. HDR is one of its strengths, though we hope that Cherry Mobile will update the Selfie Two to have a faster HDR processing time.


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