Firefly Mobile Allure 64 LTE Camera Samples

Firefly Mobile Allure 64 LTE 06
You asked, we listened – here are the photo samples of the Allure 64 LTE!

Since we posted our initial unboxing article and video on the Firefly Mobile’s Allure 64 LTE, a lot of you have been asking for camera samples of the device. Well, we took the Allure 64 LTE out for a spin yesterday during our regular airsoft games and took a few snaps using the front and rear camera of the device. Here they are:

Tactical selfie!
Tools of the (airsoft) trade
Shot with HDR, you can see a purple tinge on the photo
Normal shot under the shade, no HDR
Outdoor shot
Notice the purple tinge on the photo
Red, angry murderous Hulk the best hulk
Shot during the night
There’s a large loss of detail and brightness with artificial light

While this isn’t a full evaluation of the phone’s camera (we’ll be saving that for our full review) we do have some thoughts on the image quality of the device. Overall, the camera isn’t as strong as we’d initially hoped, and had some exposure issues when taking photos in bright light. Even when using HDR the photos don’t’ really improve all it enough, and shooting with artificial light is challenging, to say the least. There’s also a very noticeable purple tint in some of the photos we took, especially with bright backgrounds.

If there’s one chink in the armor of the Allure 64 LTE, we’d have to say that it is its camera, but we’ll have to spend more time with it to be absolutely sure.

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John Nieves

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  1. 1st post ????

    Too bad for the camera, a real chink in the armor, but overall aside from this, the aethetic design and good display and a low price tag is still very alluring to potential buyes like me. LOL.

    1. Para sakin mga sir sulit na sa price tong unit nato, bumili ako kahapon sa SM North, and so far so good ang usage ko ng phone, the camera was good and the overall response rate was very impressing, the best was its Fingerprint sensor capabilities, so far i have registered my 3 fingers (2 index & 1 right thumb) and it’s so easy to do, within a second you can finish registering your fingerprint just simply put your finger on the round home button located below the phone. I can say that this new phone has its own way to be notice by rest of local phone brand in our country, with its high specs and advance features. All i can say is it’s absolutely bang for the bucks! So what are you waiting for guys grab your own now?!

        1. Sa annex po 3rd floor bandang gitna, open lang po yung stall nila hindi katulad nung iba na may glass door:)

  2. Sir , yan ba ang hideout ninyo? Sa ganda ng camera kitang-kita ang detalye ng inyong kisame.Pati lababo at cabinet. hehehehe

  3. Okay na din, for that specs and price, hmmn sulit 3GB ram phone, pero tyak gaming pa rin strongest value nito.

  4. the third and Fourth Pic Ay Nang Galinv Na Rin Na Myphone Infinity 2 Review Haha Napansin Nyo Rin Ba

  5. ok na yang camera performance ng Allure considering the price point. I bought my Xperia Z for triple the price of the Allure, and I have similar issues with the camera performance. Puwede na for social network uploads. hehe

  6. I just bought one… napansin ko lang wla ba tlga ilaw ung mga ung bilog na button pati ung mga nasa tabi nya? Ung wifi range nya rin lapit lang putol putol ung signal kht malapit lang ako sa router…

    1. ganon din sa akin malapit ako sa router putol putol ang signal siguro nasa hardware nya ang problima pati sa camera medyo malabo ng kaunti paano ba ito ma sulosyonan?

  7. I think its just on the software of android 5.0 i experience it on my xperia before i have an update on my xperia 5.1 weak wifi signal camera issues force close on some game but after the update its all good if firefly will have a android update on 5.1 it will do

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