Fitbit Debuts the Alta HR: The World’s Slimmest Heart Rate Tracker

Say hello to Fitbit’s new Alta HR, the upgraded successor to last year’s Alta fitness wristband. The Alta HR is touted by Fitbit as the “world’s slimmest heart rate tracker,” as it features a more sleek and stylish design, as well as a new pulse tracking technology.

Standout in the new Fitbit Alta HR is what they call PurePulse Heart Rate Technology. This tech continuously monitors the user’s heart rate without the need for uncomfortable, unwieldy chest straps.

For fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their performance and reach their goals faster, there’s plenty of benefits to heart rate tracking. Exercise window optimization and stress management can be accurately assessed with the use of the Alta HR’s new PurePulse tech.

For now, the Fitbit Alta HR is available for pre-order at Fitbit’s official web store starting at $149.95 (~Php 7.6K). It will be available in the Philippines soon, most likely making an appearance at online retailer Lazada¬†as well, like the previous Alta wristband.

Source: Fitbit


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