Fujifilm Wants to Make Medium Format Accessible to A Bigger Crowd with the GFX-50R

It is an X-Pro 2 on steroids

While most camera brands are going head-to-head in the full frame race, Fujifilm chose to skip full frame and instead go all the way with medium format. They kicked things off with the SLR-like GFX-50S in 2017 and followed it through late last year with the rangefinder-type GFX-50R.

Months after it was launched globally, Fujifilm is bringing its compact medium format to our shores, and on first impressions, it is an X-Pro 2 with the powerful internals of the GFX-50S. That means you are getting the same weather sealed body, the same 51.4-megapixel medium format sensor, and the same X-Processor Pro engine—all in a compact, rangefinder-style body.

One of the main concerns about medium format cameras is their sheer size, making them not a practical choice for shoots that involves being outside the studio. The GFX-50R addresses that, as its compact build makes it smaller than most professional APS-C and Full Frame DSLRs—making it a great companion for travel and street photography.

Geared towards professionals who have demanding needs for their craft, the GFX-50R is equipped with the necessary slots and ports that include dual SD card slots, and USB-C port, Micro HDMI port, and a 2.5mm microphone jack in case you intend to shoot videos with the GFX-50R. Yes, you can utilize the whole medium format sensor to shoot Full HD footage at up to 30FPS.

Long-time Fujifilm users should be familiar with the control layout, as the GFX-50R bears almost the same layout found on Fujifilm’s X-T and X-Pro series of APS-C mirrorless cameras.

The GFX-50R retails for Php 259,990 and will be available on XX.

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