Globe iPhone 5S and 5C Plans Announced

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S
Globe just announced their postpaid plan offerings for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. There are basically two types of plans – iPhone Forever and MySuper Plan. I’ll try my best to explain both of them because they’re both quite complicated. First up we have the iPhone Forever Plan.

Globe iPhone Forever Plan

Globe’s iPhone Forever Plan lets you trade-in your current gadget so that you can either get a lower cash out or zero cash out for the iPhone 5C or 5S. Trading in your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 automatically gets the cash out to zero. Other devices will have corresponding values. Globe hasn’t announced yet the actual cash out price and the values for other devices. The good thing about this particular plan is that every year you can just trade-in your iPhone and get the next generation one at zero cash out. However there is a bit of a problem with the actual plans which you’ll see below.

Globe's iPhone Forever Plan
Globe’s iPhone Forever Plan

While both Plans 1599 and 1999 look to offer good value, we’re a bit stumped why it only offers free 1GB of data per month. The only plan with Unlimited Data is Php2,999 and that only gets you the 16GB variant and 101 pesos of consumable texts and calls to other networks. If ever you’re going to go with this the main benefit is the zero cash out for the new yearly iPhones. However expect that you’ll go beyond your monthly bill since you’ll be paying for additional data, calls, or texts.

That said we still have to give Globe props for coming up with this offer. It’s definitely interesting and was worth looking into!

Globe MySuper Plan for iPhone 5C and 5S

Anyway, next we have the iPhone MySuper Plan. Each plan has a specific Peso Value which you can use to buy “bundles” and “combos”. We still lack a lot of information for this one because Globe hasn’t announced the Peso Value yet for the unit that will be deducted from your total peso value for bundles and combos. However both plans are as follows:

Typo on the right. Should be 5S.
Typo on the right. Should be 5S.

That’s Php1,799 for the iPhone 5C and Php2,199 for the iPhone 5S monthly. It’s more expansive compared to Smart’s offer which is currently Php1,499 for the iPhone 5C and Php1,799 for the iPhone 5S. As soon as we get more info on the peso value options we’ll update this post.

Disclaimer: Writer is a very happy and satisfied subscriber of Smart.

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