Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini to offer Prepaid Kit, Volume-based plans

Globe to step up roll-out and efforts for their HSPA+ product

Globe is ramping up their efforts for their HSPA+ product, the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini. This might not necessarily be in response to the Smart Bro Rocket Plug-it but we will be seeing major product changes in the next few months. Definitely excited to see how their HSPA+ service will look like by the end of 2012.

I had an e-mail interview with Dong Ronquillo, Head of Nomadic Broadband of Globe Telecom. If you don’t have time to read through the entire e-mail, here’s the summary:

  1. Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini will have a prepaid kit coming soon.
  2. Those who subscribed already to postpaid plan cannot revert to prepaid.
  3. Massive nationwide rollout in 2012. Fort Bonifacio and San Juan in Q1 2012. I’m holding you to this Dong.
  4. Newly designed dongle (not the one with cheap sticker on top) coming
  5. UI major overhaul Q1 2012
  6. They will shift to volume based plans soon.

Many thanks to Charo Logarta, Globe’s Corporate PR and Dong for the interview! Really appreciate the time and effort you guys gave in answering our questions!

Let me share the e-mail in full:

1.      Smart Rocket is prepaid. Are you planning on offering prepaid for Globe Lambo?

Dong: Yes. We will also have a prepaid variant for the Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini 4G stick. However, we are still fine-tuning the offer and the benefits to make it more compelling and more relevant to our customers.

2.      Will you give subs who went postpaid to revert to prepaid since the network isn’t fully rolled out yet?

Dong: No.  We are selectively selling and informing subs proactively in our stores to temper their expectations on the coverage of the 4G HSPA+ currently and roll-out schedule.  So if the area they are going to use it at is HSPA+ covered, then we let them buy the product . Otherwise we don’t recommend unless they insist on getting the product, fully understand how and where 4G HSPA+ coverage is at, and are comfortable with the current coverage of HSPA+ sites.

3.      When do you see hitting nationwide coverage for HSPA+?

Dong: By end-2011, we would have sites outside GMA, in 2012, roll-out would be massive across the country

4.      Estimate on when HSPA+ network will hit San Juan and Fort Bonifacio. <— this is more personal, hehe.

Dong: By Q1-2012, we would have covered Fort Bonifacio and key parts of San Juan.

5.      Will you come out with a newly designed dongle? The sticker isn’t that nice and peels off pretty fast. 

Dong: The latest version of the Tattoo Lamborghini Stick is already in silk printing with matte finish, which looks very premium

6.      Any plans to update the UI?

Dong: Yes major update will be done by Q1 2012.

7.      Smart Rocket will shift to prepaid volume based plans after September 30 (Php200 per 180MB). Any plans to do this?

Dong: Yes we have plans. Soon.

 8.      If you will keep Tattoo Lambo at postpaid, what’s the fair use policy? Or will the flat rate of 2200 change to volume packages?

Dong: For now, Tattoo Lambo postpaid stick has no FUP = unlimited volume.  In the future it will evolve to a combination of volume and speed options.

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  1. “Dong: For now, Tattoo Lambo postpaid stick has no FUP = unlimited volume. In the future it will evolve to a combination of volume and speed options.”

    So does that mean they prefer to put bandwidth capping in place? That would suck. I do hope not.

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