Google Confirms Two Key Pixel 4 Features

Project Soli is coming real soon


Remember all those sensors we saw in the leaked screen protectors for the Pixel 4? It turns out that they are essential for two of the Pixel 4’s key features: face unlock and motion gestures.

Let’s focus on the latter first: Google’s planned implementation of Motion Gestures is a product of Project Soli. The crucial sensor here is the Soli Radar chip, which helps the Pixel 4 detect small motions around the phone. Combined with software algorithms, the Soli Radar chip will allow you to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls by just waving at your phone.

As for face unlock, Google’s planned implementation is similar–in principle–with Apple’s FaceID, where the Pixel 4 will scan a 3D map of your face using a dot projector, IR camera, and flood illuminator. All of your face data is securely stored via the Titan M chip.

Combined with motion gestures, Face Unlock will activate with a hand swipe. Unlike Apple’s implementation of FaceID, the Pixel 4’s Face Unlock will bring you to the home screen once it detects your face.


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