Google Supposedly Gearing Up for New Android One Device To Be Launched In India


The company is releasing an updated Android One device

Google’s Android One initiative is facing an uphill battle in territories they’ve launched in. While the goal – providing users with handsets that sport the latest version of the company’s OS – is lofty, the devices themselves aren’t mind blowing, especially in terms of specifications. The company is rumored to change all that with the launch of a new Android One device set to be announced on July 14, with a retail price of Rs. 12,000 or around Php 8.5K.

If you didn’t notice, the purported price point of the new Android One device is far from the sub 5K target of the first generation of handsets. The new breed of Android One devices is set to have 2GB of RAM and a 5-inch display, though other specs aren’t known as of the moment. MediaTek is still the major hardware provider of the new phone.

Lava, a major Indian smartphone vendor, is set to have more control over the new phone from its Chinese ODMs, which will impact how the phone is marketed and sold to the Indian public. The first generation of Android One phones sold in India were sold online, without a clear marketing push. Google has apparently learned from its mistake, and is set to launch the new device in both online and offline stores, with a big, 10 to 15 million dollar budget according to a source of India Times.

If successful, the new phone (and new strategy) may be rolled out in other markets where Android One is available, including the Philippines.


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  1. okay na rin mag release sila ng new android one devices. baka paglabas ng android m hindi na makahabol yung specs ng mga first gen android one.

  2. Just got my CM android one today as a secondary phone and im satisfied with the phones overall perfomance.
    Now I’m stoked for the 2nd gen android one phones 🙂

  3. Nawala na ang philosophy ng Android One it was supposed to deliver “affordable” Android devices to the masses and now this? Just for an inch of bump and a gig bump up to the ram nagmahal na? Damn if they stick to that pricing kakainin lang sila ng buo ng CM, Firefly Mobile, Alcatel, Lenovo and ASUS

    1. Probably because they won’t be manufacturing it in China. Also, it has a 2-year update guarantee directly from Google PLUS they’ll release the full kernel source of whatever version of Mediatek SoC that is, which means unofficial updates after 2 years! 😀

  4. Parang same specs ng android one ng GENERAL MOBILE ni released nila sa bansang TURKEY noted specs 4g connectivity, GG4 glass protection, 2gb ram check nyo dito full specs kung ganyan magiging specs bibili talaga ako as my main phone astigan na ko sa CM one ko 2gb of ram for a Android one phone is a big upgrade 🙂 sana lang yung apps to external sd meron na sa next major update

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