Google Unveils Second-Gen Pixel Buds

Sleeker and better than its predecessor

Google updates its Pixel Buds with a sleeker, true wireless earbuds form factor. The second-generation Pixel Buds ditches the neckstrap for a true wireless buds design with soft ear tips and stabilizer arcs to ensure that the buds stay in place. For the hardware, the second-generation Pixel Buds come with 12 mm dynamic speaker drivers, along with sweat and water resistance and a spatial vent so that you can still hear the outside world.

Like its predecessor, they can do real-time translations and have Google Assistant—the latter now having a hands-free “Hey Google” activation. Other features include a wireless charging case and up to 5 hours of use (24 hours including the charging case).

The second-gen Pixel Buds is priced at $179(~Php 9.3k) and will be available by 2020.

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