Google Wants To Buy HTC’s Smartphone Division

HTC already makes Google’s Pixel smartphones

It looks like Google wants to own another smartphone brand again, and is reportedly in the final stage of negotiations to buy the smartphone division of Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. Google’s decision to purchase HTC’s smartphone manufacturing division isn’t a surprising decision, considering that they already depend on the Taiwanese brand to build their Pixel lineup of smartphones.

According to the report from Chinese-language Commercial Times, Google is only interested in buying the part of HTC that actually makes phones, which means HTC’s VR product arm will remain, as well as HTC as a company.

This isn’t Google’s first time to buy a mobile device maker. Google purchased Motorola back in 2012 for $12.5 billion, and let the company run on its own instead of merging it into their organization. That particular investment cost Google dearly, as they re-sold Motorola two years later for less than $3 billion to Lenovo, who owns them up till this day.


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