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GoPro Karma Drone is Potentially the Best Video Capture System for Casual Flyers

The New GoPro Karma Aerial Drone
The New GoPro Karma Aerial Drone

GoPro Puts DJI on Notice with the New Karma Drone

If I’m going to base it just on the product feature list of the GoPro Karma, I can already say that GoPro has a strong and compelling offering with their drone. I personally own one of the most advanced aerial drones you can get in the market today, the DJI Phantom 4, and I can honestly say that the GoPro Karma is very tempting despite me having “one of the best”. The GoPro Karma, in a nutshell, just makes flying drones easier. It solves a lot of pain points of the DJI Phantom series (with the exception of the price, haha).

Why do I say that? Three key features standout.

PORTABILITY – Ask any drone owner and they’ll tell you that one of their biggest issues is that it’s so hard to lug it around. Heck you need a specialised backpack made by DJI (which sells for around 10k) to safely bring it with out. Being able to fold the sides of the GoPro Karma makes it very easy to slide in regular backpacks and messenger bags.

NO MORE SMARTPHONE NEEDED – Another annoying thing you have to do with most drones is you have to use your smartphone as the viewfinder and controller. You have to pair and calbirate it. That’s no longer the case with the GoPro Karma. It comes with a dedicated full-featured remote control. Check it out in the video below.

REMOVABLE GIMBAL HANDLE = VERSATILITY – Lastly, the GoPro Karma is not just a drone. It’s a complete system. You can slide out the Gimbal with the GoPro and use it as a handheld with superior video and image stabilisation. With DJI you have to buy the DJI Osmo which will set you back around 20-25k here in the Philippines.

Over-all those are the three key things that appeal to me. It’s not as advanced as the DJI Phantom 4 (no subject tracking mode, etc) but it looks to be much more friendlier, easier-to-use, and portable. Those are great selling points for casual flyers who just want a good and quality drone that they can easily bring with them wherever.

I’m definitely excited about the GoPro Karma and I’ll be getting one as soon as it becomes available. Will most likely mount a GoPro HERO5 Black on it as well because I can just take it apart depending on the situation (just the GoPro, or GoPro on Gimbal Handle, or Drone).

Author with wifey flying the Phantom DJI 4 in Tagaytay
Author with wifey flying the Phantom DJI 4 in Tagaytay

PS: DJI is definitely not taking this sitting down. Rumors have been circulating the last few weeks that they have a foldable aerial drone for beginners. Watch this space for more news about that when it becomes official.

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