GoPro’s Foldable Drone, The Karma, Takes Flight


GoPro, a name that’s synonymous with rugged, go anywhere video cameras for action junkies, has announced their very own drone. Not just any regular drone, mind you – their offering, dubbed the Karma, is a sleek, fold-able quad copter that can fit in almost any backpack.


The Karma is able to do this because the quad copter was designed to be as compact as possible, and true to form, the drone has fold-able arms and landing gear that allows it to fit nicely into a carrying backpack.


Further reducing the bulk is the unorthodox position of three axis stabilizer that houses the camera of a drone. For the Karma, the stabilizer is placed at the front of the drone, which allows the landing gears to fold for maximum portability. The Karma’s bag of tricks doesn’t end there – you can pull out the stabilizer and stick it on to a stand-alone grip that functions much like DJI’s handheld OSMO camera, which makes the entire system even more flexible.


GoPro included an easy to use touchscreen controller that allows the operation of the quad copter without the need for a smartphone or tablet. The Karma is compatible with GoPro’s Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session and the Hero4.

The Karma is being offered by GoPro as a stand-alone product without a camera for $799 (Php 38.3K). There’s also a Hero5 Session bundle available for it as well, which will cost you around $999 (Php 47.9). If you want the best of the best, you can upgrade to a Hero5 for $1,099 (Php 52.7K).

John Nieves

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