Havit H989BT Bluetooth Earphones Review: Decent Buds for Active Individuals

Are they a perfect fit for those who love music and working out?

In an age where headphone jacks are slowly being pushed out of phones, wireless buds are slowly becoming the norm. Even though we still prefer wired headsets, going wireless has a lot of neat benefits, notably simple operation and no tangled cords.

There’s a literal glut of wireless headphones in the market but there’s only a few that are made for active individuals. Fewer still are headphones for gym rats and recreational runners that have budget price tags. Havit’s H989BT wireless earphones are one such pair, made for those who love going to the gym or jogging and can’t live without music. With a Php 1,340 price tag, the H989BT aims to be a formidable budget offering for active people.

What is it?

They are sports-oriented Bluetooth buds from Havit. As the name suggests, they are designed to fit the user’s ears comfortably with their built-in ear hooks. Being geared for those who have an active lifestyle, they are sweat-resistant, able to handle excessive sweat and a bit of rain from intense workouts inside and outside of the gym.

All of the controls are found on the right side of the earphones. Hidden behind a flap on the right side is a MicroUSB port for charging. Because the flap is so small, it can be a pain in the butt to open the flap when it is time to charge it up.

Both drivers are held together with a single flat cord that doubles as a strap to keep them secure in your neck when not in use.


Is it easy to use?

It’s pretty straightforward, just like most Bluetooth earphones. A long press on the power button turns on the Bluetooth earphones instantly, and the volume controls also double as playback controls as well.

Volume adjustment is independent of the volume controls of your audio source. We suggest adjusting the volume from your audio source, as the wireless earphones have a limited volume control range.

Wearing them is just a matter of placing the earbuds onto your ears, and securely fastening the hooks to your ears for a comfortable fit. If the default silicone tips do not fit your ear properly, there are two sets to choose from.

How’s the sound quality?

The H989BT is more on the bassy side, and it can be overpowering when you crank up to volume too much. We recommend limiting the volume range at around 70 to 80%, as going beyond that causes significant audio distortion, especially when playing bass-heavy tracks. The mids and highs are pretty decent, though the highs tend to lack in clarity on some music tracks.

In spite of an overpowering bass at times, the H989BT’s soundstage is decent considering these are a sub-Php 1.5k pair of wireless earphones. Its soundstage is best appreciated for playing games or watching videos.


How long does it last on a full charge?

On our real-life usage, the H989BT lasted for around 6 hours on a single charge, which is quite impressive even if it is not close to Havit’s advertised 8-hour battery life. Our usage consisted of music, movies, and a few games in between, with volume at around 80%.

It takes roughly two hours to juice it up via its MicroUSB port. An orange LED indicator will light up when it is charging. The same LED light turns to blue when it is powered on and blinks orange when it is running low in power.

Would you recommend it?

For its asking price, it is a fair deal. While it does not come with a carrying case or interchangeable clips, the H989BT makes up for it with a decent battery life, a one-size-fits-all ear hooks, and a decent overall sound quality. Being a bit heavy on the bass side is justifiable, as most active people do listen to such tracks to keep them in the groove with their workout.

With its Php 1,340 price tag, the H989BT is a good recommendation for those looking for an affordable pair of active wireless earphones.


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