Here’s A Comparison Chart Of All ZenFones ASUS Launched Yesterday


Confused about all the new products yesterday?

ASUS launched a ton of products yesterday, including three new products that we haven’t seen before. We’re not going to fault you if you’re just a little bit confused at all the devices the Taiwanese brand launched in India recently, and we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a handy dandy comparison chart for you guys to take a look at to compare the different models of the Zenfones launched.



As you can see in our chart, there’s quite a number for ZenFone Laser models launched yesterday, which encompasses the three most common screen sizes and resolutions. Looking at the chart above, you’ll also see that the majority of the new launches are all armed with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, which begs the question: is Intel getting muscled out of the ASUS’ ZenFone series? The chipmaker has been one of ASUS’ longest running partners ever since they launched the first ZenFone series. Are Intel’s chips not cheap enough to produce for ASUS, or is it something else – thermal issues of Intel’s chips maybe? There’s only one way to find out for sure, and unfortunately both Intel and ASUS stay mum on the matter.

Check out the posts below for the details of the four new products:

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ASUS’ Zenfone Max Has A Massive 5000mAh Battery

ASUS Officially Launches Zenfone Laser Family


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  1. nagmahal daw ang chips ng intel sabi nung isang shop when we asked if there will still be stocks of the 10k zenfone 2. i’ve read somewhere na intel used to subsidize manufacturers for using their chips, they’re stopping that program hence the switch to the qualcomm chips.

    1. haist bakit kasi hindi ibahin ang name kelangan zenfone 2 lahat? or dapat binigay na lahat ng good specs in one phone. why split in diff variations?

  2. Still bulky, fat and heavy. Asus insist on that. I insist on not buying it too.
    Asus tablets are designed beautifully with no unnecessary dead space.
    They’re light, thin and compact especially the newer Zenpads. As to why
    Asus can’t apply those same principles to their phones is beyond me.

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