Here’s How You Get a Jet Black iPhone 7 in the Philippines Today

Not the most practical thing to buy
Not the most practical thing to buy

Burn Wallet, Burn!

So you want Apple’s latest iPhone in the jet black color finish? It hasn’t officially landed in our shores yet but you can already get it via some online stores like Widget City and Kimstore. The prices though are a bit out of this world and we can’t recommend you guys getting them at this price because it’s just ridiculously impractical and bordering on committing a sin to humanity (lol). But in case you still want to get one, here are the latest prices of the jet black iPhone 7 from Widget City:

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB: Php104,900
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB: Php107,500
iPhone 7 128GB: Php75,000
iPhone 7 256GB: Php85,000

Wild. Again, buy at your own risk of financial ruin (lol).

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Carlo Ople

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  1. Ridiculous prices… But considering the number of stocks available, no doubt these online stores will jack-up their prices. For jet black variants, it was sold out within minutes after the pre-order went live. So,hindi na available para sa mga walk-in customers ang jet black variants.

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