HTC Desire S Netphone Edition

HTC joins the Netphone Family?

HTC Desire S Netphone Edition Coming Soon?

SMART just announced the Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone Edition over the weekend but it looks like there’s one more phone that’s joining the Netphone line-up in the near future. Mitch Padua from SMART just posted a photo on Twitter showing three phones with the Netphone software installed. At the right is the Samsung Galaxy Y, followed by the Smart Netphone in the middle. At the leftmost you’ll find the HTC Desire S. If the HTC Desire S is indeed included in the line-up then this is the most powerful phone in the Netphone family.

The HTC Desire S packs 1GHz processor, 768MB RAM, a 5MP camera with auto-focus (720p video recording), and a 3.7″ screen. It’s a good phone and I think this is a very welcome addition to the Netphone line-up. You can actually run a lot of applications here without any problems unlike the earlier models. For complete specs of the HTC Desire S, click here.

Here’s the HTC promotional video of the HTC Desire S:

Note that there’s no official announcement yet from SMART. This is just from Twitter. Will post updates once launch date and pricing are confirmed.

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