Huawei Mate 30 Pro Takes the DxOMark Crown

It scored 121 for DxOMark’s Camera Category

Huawei made it clear during the Mate 30 launch that its Mate 30 Pro is geared towards photography like its predecessors. This time around, instead of incorporating a periscope module like the one found on the P30 Pro, Huawei decided to put not just one but two 40-megapixel cameras. The second 40-megapixel camera is an ultra-wide-angle camera with an 18mm equivalent focal length that Huawei calls a Cine Lens.

Paired with Huawei’s 7nm Kirin 990 processor, along with updated image processing algorithms, the Mate 30 Pro aims to surpass the P30 Pro’s photo and video capabilities—and its DxOMark score is solid proof that Huawei wants to remain the king in DxOMark’s camera rankings.

Garnering an overall score of 121, the Mate 30 Pro scored four points higher than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and five points higher than the P30 Pro. For the photo sub-category, DxOMark commended the Mate 30 Pro’s ability to deliver a noise-free image without compromising on detail regardless of lighting conditions. DxOMark also explained in its review that the Mate 30 Pro is better than the P30 Pro when it comes to color reproduction and white balance. Even with only a 3x optical zoom (compared to the P30 Pro’s 5x optical zoom), the Mate 30 Pro produced better details at the short-to-medium zoom range.

While the Mate 30 Pro scored lower than the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G in the video sub-category, the Mate 30 Pro did well with autofocus and stabilization and produced good exposure despite not having HDR video recording.

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