Huawei P20 Pro Teardown Reveals A Few Secrets

It explains those blur-free shots

The buzz with the P20 Pro is not going to die down any soon: The triple rear camera-sporting beast definitely gets its work done with quality images. Even more incredible is how the P20 Pro produces stellar night shots even with a slow shutter. Huawei claims that those stabilized shots are due to its AIS system, in which it stitches several photos to produce a clean, blur-free low light shot.

While Huawei claims that only the 8-megapixel zoom camera gets OIS, the guys over at iFixIt beg to disagree after doing a teardown on the P20 Pro.

The P20 Pro’s triple rear camera module.

In their teardown of the P20 Pro’s camera components, they noted that all three camera modules have a floating lens setup, which hints that all three cameras appear to have OIS built in.

While we do not know why Huawei is not officially advertising the P20 Pro as having a triple OIS setup, a safe guess is that they are working on improving the software. Another possible guess is that they are only advertising OIS for the zoom camera and that the other two wide-angle cameras can depend on AIS instead. Whatever may be the case, it would be cool for Huawei to combine both OIS and AIS to showcase the P20 Pro’s capabilities further.



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