Huawei Reclaims the DxOMark Throne with the P40 Pro

It is the current number 1 for both selfies and smartphone cameras

Huawei has done it again: DxOMark recently reviewed the P40 Pro and gave it an overall score of 128, making it four points higher than the OPPO Find X2 Pro. This makes the P40 Pro the new DxOMark king in smartphone photography.

With the P40 Pro’s high photo score of 140, Huawei’s flagship scored a lot of points in the zoom category, where its use of both optical and algorithm-powered digital zooming helped the P40 Pro maintain consistent detail and noise levels across the whole zoom range.

The P40 Pro’s large 1/1.28-inch sensor for the main camera gives it a “very wide dynamic range and class-leading texture/noise balance” in photos, making it suitable for shooting in any lighting condition. Aside from having impressive main and telephoto cameras, DxOMark adds that the P40 Pro has one of the best ultra-wide-angle cameras in the market today. While it does not squeeze as much scene into the frame as possible due to its 18mm equivalent focal length, images taken with the P40 Pro’s ultra-wide-angle camera maintained excellent dynamic range, very good detail, and low noise.

The P40 Pro is also the best-performing phone for video, as video footage maintained correct exposure, accurate white balance and color rendering, and a superb autofocus and stabilization system.

Aside from smartphone photography, the P40 Pro is also the new DxOMark king in selfies, outperforming the Nova 6 5G by three points. Compared to the Nova 6 5G, the P40 Pro has better exposure, color,┬ánoise, flash, and bokeh in seflies thanks to the P40 Pro’s additional IR sensor. As one of the few phones to have autofocus in their selfie cameras, the P40 Pro has better autofocus stability compared to its rivals. The same can be said for selfie videos.


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