Huawei Releasing P30 Pro NEW EDITION With Google Play

A clever workaround to the Google problem

Huawei is apparently launching a new phone this month that’ll come pre-installed with Google Mobile Services.

The company is releasing the P30 Pro New Edition for a limited time in Europe (specifically Germany) and will be available to buy from May 15 through June 30.

The phone will likely be a slightly upgraded version of the P30 Pro, one of Huawei’s last phones with Google Play and Google Mobile Services installed.

The P30 Pro already has the certification to access Google Play, and truth be told this isn’t the first time that Huawei has re-released a phone to get around the restrictions that the US government put in place that has left them without access to Google Play for newer phones.

While we don’t know what specs the phone currently has, we wouldn’t be surprised if it had more RAM and storage compared to the P30 Pro, though it’ll still have the same Kirin 980 chipset in it so as to not be considered a new, and thus, un-certified device.


John Nieves

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