HyperX Announces New Predator and Fury DDR4 RAM

The Predator is offered with a kit of up to 256GB RAM

If your work demands heaps of RAM (or you just want to flex how many Chrome tabs you can leave open until you freeze your whole computer), HyperX announced that its new Predator DDR4 RAM can be ordered with up to 256GB on a kit of 8 set. That’s currently the highest amount of RAM you can get on a single module.

HyperX’s latest RAM module can achieve a maximum frequency of 4800mhz, along with a black aluminum heat spreader and matching black PCB to complement current builds. The Predator can be ordered in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB single modules, with kits reaching as high as 256GB for high-end systems.

If you want a cost-effective option, HyperX offers the Fury DDR4 RAM, which can reach frequencies of up to 3733mhz and can be ordered in a kit of up to 128GB.

Both models are Intel XMP certified and AMD certified Ready for Ryzen, meaning they can maximize the power of the latest processors from AMD and Intel.

Both are expected to be available at authorized HyperX retailers soon.

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