iPad Mini and iPad 4 Officially Launches in the Philippines

iPad Mini Launching in the Philippines this Weekend
iPad Mini Launching in the Philippines this Weekend

iPad Mini set to launch this weekend now out in the Philippines!

Thinking of getting an iPad 3? Hold on to your wallet folks! Apparently both the Apple iPad Mini and the iPad 4 will be launching together this weekend!  are now available locally! We were in an Apple reseller store yesterday when we asked one of the cashiers when the iPad Mini or the iPad 4 will be available here in the Philippines. She didn’t answer us but her co-worker “accidentally” blurted out that it will be in stores starting this weekend. She tried denying it but the guy went on and said that it was in the “company e-mail” that was just sent out a few minutes earlier. Toinks. Talk about getting tips from the weirdest of places right? Lol.

Here are the prices:

  • iPad Mini WiFi 16GB = Php 15,990
  • iPad Mini WiFi 32GB = Php 20,990
  • iPad Mini WiFi 64GB = Php 25,990
  • iPad Mini WiFi + Cellular 16GB = Php 21,990
  • iPad Mini WiFi + Cellular 32GB = Php 26,990
  • iPad Mini WiFi + Cellular 64GB = Php 31,990
  • iPad 4 WiFi 16GB = Php 23,990
  • iPad 4 WiFi 32GB = Php 28,990
  • iPad 4 WiFi 64GB = Php 33,990
  • iPad 4 WiFi + Cellular 16GB = Php 29,990
  • iPad 4 WiFi + Cellular 32GB = Php 34,990
  • iPad 4 WiFi + Cellular 64GB = Php 39,990


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