iPhone 11 Pro Max Matches Galaxy Note 10+’s Score in DxOMark

It falls behind the Mate 30 Pro and Mi CC9 Pro 5G

Both non-Apple and Apple fans took notice of this year’s iPhone releases, as the Cupertino-based brand stepped up when it comes to camera hardware and software. With the jump being noticeable compared to the last two generations of the iPhone, how did the iPhone 11—specifically the Pro Max version—fared in DxOMark?

With a score of 117, the iPhone 11 Pro Max did well, matching the score of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ (both 4G and 5G versions). However, the iPhone 11 Pro Max falls behind the Mate 30 Pro and the recently-announced Mi CC9 Pro—both phones are currently tied at DxOMark’s rankings at 121.

For the photo score, the iPhone 11 Pro Max did well when it comes to exposure and autofocus speeds. Highlight clipping is noticeable with the iPhone 11 Pro Max when it comes to shooting in mixed lighting, but the phone’s dynamic range is generally great. Apple’s new Deep Fusion software helped the iPhone 11 Pro Max attain better detail and texture in photos. Against the Mate 30 Pro and Mi CC9 Pro, the iPhone 11 Pro Max fell short when it comes to low-light photography.

While it can’t match the Mate 30 Pro and Mi Cc9 Pro in photo, the iPhone 11 Pro Max ties with the latter when it comes to video. Its high score of 102 is credited to its ability to shoot HDR videos for a wide dynamic range, along with great detail and noise management when shooting in 4K.

You can read more about DxOMark’s review here.

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