Is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Too Expensive?

They’re no longer an alternative to Apple

Today marks the official launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. It’s bigger, badder and better than any of Samsung’s flagships and as such commands a premium price. Of all of Samsung’s current flagships and past flagships, the Galaxy Note 8 has the highest price tag of them all: at Php 49,990, it’s the most expensive Android-powered flagship announced so far.

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I’m old enough to remember when Samsung rolled out their first Galaxy Note back in 2011, and back then the phone had a substantially cheaper price point compared to Apple. Despite carrying premium price tags, Samsung’s flagships has always maintained a price advantage over Apple, retailing (via official SRP) a few thousand pesos below them.

That’s changed with the Galaxy Note 8. And while we expect Apple’s iPhone 8 to be much more expensive than previous iterations, Samsung’s pricing for their newer flagship signals a shift to a more premium pricing structure.

It was inevitable really, as Samsung could not price the Galaxy Note 8 too close to the S8+ since it’s still a model they make and sell. As for the price, well you’re getting a stylus, dual-cameras and 2GB more RAM for the Php 4K more over the price of the S8+.

We’re sure that many loyal Note users who had to skip the Note 7 and who waited for the Note 8 are not going to be happy at the price. It’s a 10K price jump from last year’s model, quite steep and well into Apple’s pricing territory.

What do you think of the pricing of Samsung’s Note 8? Sound off below.


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  1. Its not surpising since Apple and Samsung price their phones that way. Its the suckers who still buy them in droves.

  2. That’s crazy. That is why I have switched to Chinese brand (1+) smartphones from SNote series. Same or almost similar, but sometimes beyond, the specification of the top tier smartphones at half the price. I do not have to pay big bucks just to experience the qualities of a Note 8 when you can get it from other brands at a low price. But in the end to each his own.

  3. Pag Samsung tanggap ko ang ganyang price pero di ako bibili ng samsung given that price. Pag ASUS wala silang K mag price ng kahit anong phone nila above Php25k. If bibili ako with a Php50k budget, ill buy the newest iPhone nalang.

  4. If the price is that expensive,, I think I’ll pass and just wait for Note 9 which I think by that time they already embed the fingerprint sensor on the display. I’m still happy with my Note 5 though my postpaid contract will end this Oct.

  5. If I have the money I will gladly buy one, di nman tayo pinipilit. But I cannot afford high end phones, hanggang mid range lang ako

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