Jays a-JAYS One+ Review

Jays a-JAYS One+ with the Samsung Galaxy Note

Jays a-JAYS One+ Review

Swedish company Jays came out with another amazing product with the a-JAYS One+ In-Ear Headphones. It’s like the a-JAYS Four (designed for the iPhone) but this one is optimized for Android smartphones. It has a one button in-line remote control and microphone making it an all-in-one solution for people who love to listen to their music on their phones while they’re on the go.

Packaging and Build

The Jays a-JAYS One+ comes in the standard Jays hard plastic black box with the product information printed on a wrap around label in the middle. Inside you’ll find the earphones with a couple of manuals and the extra silicone ear tips (different sizes). Jays should have included a pouch for the earphones though or better yet a hard case. Anyway, read more about the packaging in our unboxing article.

In terms of product design I have no complaints with the a-JAYS One+. The tangle-free flat cable is a huge plus. Just like the a-JAYS Four you can just roll this up in your palm, open your hand, and easily stretch it a bit and it won’t get tangled. It’s a far better experience that the usual earphones with the thin and flimsy cables.

L shaped connector so that it doesn't get wrecked easily. Also easier to manage 🙂

For the actual earphones Jays included a bunch of extra silicone tips in different sizes. As with all in-ear headphones you need to make sure that you use the right tip for the best fit in your ear. This has a huge effect on the sound quality. Make it a point to try out different tips and find the one that’s the best for you.

The earphones have a smooth black matte finish giving it a premium and sleek feel. The Jays branding is seen on the cable near the earphones. Further down you’ll find the inline remote control/microphone.

One Button Inline Remote Control
The key feature of the a-JAYS One+ is the one button inline remote control and microphone. If you don’t need this you can actually just settle for the a-JAYS One which is exactly the same earphone without the remote control/microphone (being sold for Php1,000 less). If you’re looking for earphones for your smartphone though then this makes more sense.

You might be thinking right now how much you can do with just one button on the remote control right? Well if you download the free Android Jays application you can actually do a lot of stuff! You specify what command you want with the number of clicks you do with the button. For example clicking once and holding it increases volume while clicking twice and holding decreases volume. Double clicking moves it to the next track while triple clicking lets you go back to the previous track.

The free Jays Android app that will make the one-button remote control work

By the way you don’t need to have the app running 100% and on-screen just for it to work. Just download it and and install and you’re good.

Sound Quality

Is the sound good for the Php3,000 price tag? If you will just base it on sound alone then I will say no. The mids are okay but not good. The bass is definitely there but it can definitely get better. The sound is great though if this was priced around Php2,100-Php2,500 (which is the price of the original a-JAYS One without the mic). Maybe I’m just spoiled with all the more expensive headphones and earphones I’ve been testing in the last few months, haha!

By the way I’ve answered and made a lot of calls already on this and I can say that both the receiver and the mic both work wonderfully. The voice on the other line is crystal clear and I don’t have a problem speaking to the mic without holding it close to my mouth.

What truly makes this product great is the entire package. The styling, in-line remote control, and the flat tangle-free cable combined with the sound quality makes it a winner.


If you’re looking for a hassle free, all-in-one, and stylish mobile headset for your smartphone, then the a-JAYS One+ is for you. If you want better sound though there are definitely other alternatives in the market. The Jays a-JAYS One+ is being sold for Php3,099. You can find it in Astro Vision, Astro Plus, and Power Mac Center.

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