JUMPU Tsuyoi-S Wireless Speaker Unboxing, Quick Review: A Rugged Speaker Companion?

We unbox the JUMPU Tsuyoi-S wireless speaker!

With a variety of wireless speakers out there, the challenge for each brand comes to offering a unique set of features at an affordable price point. In the case of the JUMPU Tsuyoi-S, their main offering is a water-resistant and rugged design that can withstand the harsh elements.

Is the speaker unique enough to stand out from the crowd? Let’s start off with the unboxing!

The packaging of the Tsuyoi-S is colorful and as the photo of the speaker on the packaging.


Inside the box, you have the Tsuyoi-S speaker, a Micro USB cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a user manual


Initial impression: Rugged exterior makes it appear to take a beating

Compared to other wireless speakers out there, the Tsuyoi-S is noticeably chunkier than usual and sports a boxy look. The built on these is a mix of ABS plastic and TPU rubber. The speaker grille is made of metal. Being a rugged speaker, there are metal screws around the speaker, which keeps the Tsuyoi-S resistant against the elements.

Aside from the speaker grille, you have a blue LED light on top of the JUMPU logo, which illuminates when the speaker is turned on. Powering the Tsuyoi-S is a 1500mAh battery that is rated for 8 hours.

You have a tripod socket at the bottom of the Tsuyoi-S—which is a rather unusual feature for a speaker. There are a variety of uses for the tripod socket, which includes mounting it on a bike in case you want to turn your bicycle into a mobile boom box.

On the speaker’s left side, you have a port that hides the Micro USB charging port and 3.5mm auxiliary port. Do note that you lose the Tsuyoi-S’ IP65 rating if you are charging it or using a wired connection.

On top of the speaker, you have your usual button array: A power button, volume controls, and a Play/Pause button that doubles as an answer button for answering calls from your phone. That being said, the Tsuyoi-S has a built-in microphone as well.

On the rightmost edge of the speaker, you have a strap for carrying the speaker around.

That’s it for our unboxing and quick review. We will be testing the Tsuyoi-S in the coming days and give to you our final verdict on this wireless speaker.

The Tsuyoi-S retails for Php 1,290 and is available at Starmobile kiosks and concept stores.


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  1. This is exactly the same product (probably an ODM/OEM one) as the Mango Bluetooth speaker available at Lazada for Php999.

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