Leica Introduces The Mirror-less SL, Costs More Than A Quarter of A Million Pesos


Be still our beating heart

Leica, probably the most expensive commercial camera brand in the world has officially announced their mirrorless SL camera. The new shooter was built to compete with Sony’s excellent A7 line and has drool-worthy specifications built-in to do just that – it’s a full-frame camera, a beastly AF (Leica says it has the fastest AF in any full-frame camera), capable of shooting 11 shots per second, has 2GB buffer, optical low-pass filter, max ISO of 50,000 and a 24-megapixel resolution.


There’s even more to drool at with the SL: the body is made of solid aluminum and has weather-resistant seals, has an ultra-sharp electronic viewfinder that has a resolution of 4.4-million dots, 3-inch touchscreen underneath, along with 4K resolution video capture. The new camera will use a new type of lens, dubbed the SL system, though users can also use an adapter to use Leica’s M, S and R lenses. The single SL lens is 24-90mm f/2.8-4.0 zoom lens.


Since the SL is a Leica, it’s expensive. Like, bank-drainingly expensive – the Lecia SL is priced at $7,450 – that’s Php 346K roughly, and it doesn’t even come with a kit lens. Yup, you’ll have to buy the only SL lens that’s available, and it’s almost as expensive as the camera body itself – price at $4950 – that’s Php 230K.

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