Lenco iPhone/iPod Dock (IPD-4600)

Lenco iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

Lenco IPD-4600 iPhone and iPod Speaker Dock

With the popularity of iOS devices it was only natural for companies to come up with complimentary products like cases, mobile battery chargers, and speaker docks. There are a lot of brands already in the market today and you can even get knock-offs in Greenhills (but they sound horrendous and will break down in a month). One particular brand though that caught my attention was Lenco. It’s not a well known brand here in the Philippines (it came from the Netherlands) but it definitely has a lot of potential. I’ve been using the Lenco IPD-4600 iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock for a couple of days now and it’s pretty impressive.

Read on for our review!

Hardware Design

As you can see from the photo above the Lenco IPD-4600 is a sphere-shaped speaker with the dock and controls located at the top portion. You’ll find the buttons for channel (FM), volume, function, alarm, and the digital display there. The dock can pretty much fit any iPod or iPhone.

At the back you’ll find a standard audio port just in case you bought this and you don’t have an iOS device. You can easily just plug in the cable to your Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone and you can still enjoy the speakers.

I really don’t have any problem with the form factor of this product. If ever I have to criticize something though it would be the plug. It’s ridiculously huge!

The monstrous plug

Sound Quality

If you’re into bass heavy tracks, as in the powerful and punchy kind of bass, then the Lenco IPD-4600 is perfect for you. The sound signature is definitely geared towards the lower register but it can still deliver good mids and decent highs.

As for the volume this thing is a screamer. It can easily fill your living room with sound. Perfect for intimate parties and gatherings.

Pricing and Availability

The Lenco IPD-4600 is currently selling for Php8,850 and it comes in two colors: black and orange. It’s now available in the following stores: Ambassador, Astrovision, and Astroplus. You can also place orders via mobile at this number: 0917-5754812.

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