Lenovo Announces Megan Young as their Brand Ambassador

The Miss World 2013 winner is a techie and a casual gamer

Lenovo improves its presence by tapping Miss World 2013 Megan Young as their brand ambassador. Aside from being an actress, model, host, and vlogger, Megan is known to be a casual gamer and a techie, and she credits technology as an important part of her lifestyle.

“My computer was my outlet when my parents were out working, and during the moments when Dad was home, he even taught me coding in HTML. As a matter of fact, when I won Miss World, my gift to myself was a laptop,” Megan said.

As a casual gamer, Megan streams her gameplay online, with Stardew Valley as her current go-to game. Last year, Megan showcased her skills in League of Legends at a celebrity match held at Conquerors Manila, where Php 134,000 was raised for charity.

She embodies Lenovo, with her sophistication, elegance, style, and, more importantly, vibrant personality and flexibility, allowing her to adjust to any situation or role ? key qualities we are integrating into our consumer devices,” Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager Michael Ngan said. 


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