Lenovo Undergoes More Layoffs, Motorola Division Slashed Down


Sad news for Motorola fans out there. A new report has surfaced from tech blog Droid-Life alleging that Lenovo has recently executed a major layoff round at their Motorola phone division.

According to the company insiders interviewed by Droid-Life, more than 50% of Motorola’s current US staff have lost their jobs. The blog post also mentioned that a 20-year veteran of the company reportedly posted on Facebook that he had been cut loose by Lenovo. Seems like Lenovo’s putting the Moto brand in life-support at this stage.

A source disclosed that over 700 employees, out of the total 1200, were affected by the layoff round. With such a drastic pruning measure, Lenovo is expected to integrate the remaining personnel into their own R&D division, leaving the fate of the Moto phone brand in serious limbo.

While the Moto division unveiled a few new devices at the recent IFA 2016 in Berlin, the global demand for Moto phones has remained lukewarm. Despite the division’s success in India with their G Series phones, apparently, it wasn’t enough to stave off a major layoff order from the parent company.

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Lenovo Motorola quickly released a statement on the matter, claiming that the layoffs only accounted for “less than two percent” of the company’s total global workforce.

Source: Android Police, Droid-Life

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  1. They should really sack whoever’s the moron that had the (un)bright idea of buying this zombie in the first place. And I can understand the walking dead having fans, but Motorola? Really?

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