Lenovo’s Affordable Chromebooks are Coming to the Philippines

Another good alternative for students

As laptops are becoming in demand with the start of the school year, many students are looking for affordable-yet-decent ones that can be used for their school needs. Chromebooks are slowly becoming a viable alternative for students, and Lenovo Philippines confirmed that it will be bringing three of its Chromebook—specifically the IdeaPad C330, C340 and S340—to our shores.

While Lenovo only revealed the prices—Php 14,495 for the C330, Php 14,995 for the C340, and Php 15,495 for the S340—The two C-series models will be 2-in-1 convertibles while the S340 will take in a conventional laptop form factor. Both the C330 and C340 will have an 11-inch touchscreen panel, while the S340 will have a bigger 14-inch display.

We should know more about the Chomebooks soon, so stay tuned to the site for the latest updates. For the meantime, check out our review of the IdeaPad Slim 5i:

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5i Review: All-Around Notebook for the Hip Yuppie

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  1. Nice to see newer Chromebooks available.
    I also wish that we could “convert” old laptops into Chromebooks.
    I have a netbook with Win7 that I would very much like to change into a Chromebook of sorts.

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