LG G4 for just Php26,500?

Getting a lot of buzz
Getting a lot of buzz

LG G4 for just Php26,500?

Shortly after LG Philippines announced the start of their pre-orders for the LG G4, online stores have followed suit with their own offers. Widget City just posted theirs and the price is definitely competitive. They’re offering the brushed metal variant of the LG G4 for just Php26,500 while the genuine leather variant goes for Php27,500. Those who avail of their pre-order will also get a free 32GB microSD card and the LG G4 Battery Kit and Case. Widget City also posted that the units they’re offering will come with a 1 year LG Parts & Service warranty (wow).

You can pre-order on Widget City via this link. Their pre-order is phase is only until May 31, 2015.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Any widgetcity buyers here? Para malaman ko kung true to their word ang warranty na binibigay nila for their device at kung hindi mga clone ang binebenta nila.

    1. 2 beses na akong bumili sa kanila, samsung nexus(2012) and asus nexus 7(2013), so far so good naman transaction ko sa kanila, bago din sakin ang 1 year LG parts warranty nila siguro international warranty yang 1 year LG parts warranty(correct me if im wrong here) just like Applr products, alam ko service warranty lang sila noon, advice ko lang pagbibili ka ng phone sa kanila test mo lahat pagnakuha mo na kasi 3 days lang return policy nila,

    2. Salamat sa mga reply. Ang pagkakaiba lang pala ng widgetcity offer sa main lg website ay yung 1 year at 2 years warranty. Yung leather ang kukunin ko, magbibigay na lang ako ng user’s review pag ok ang device.

  2. There’s a brushed metal variant? I only knew about the plastic with some diamond pattern and of course the leather. I’ve seen and held the demo unit with the plastic cover and to be honest it looked and felt cheap. The G2 and G3 models look better.

    The most compelling argument you can make for G4 is the better camera over G3. Everything else though doesn’t feel like it’s a significant upgrade from G3. The G4 demo unit I was checking out was stuttering even when I simply swiping through the app cabinet. Also the LG UI is rather ugly.

    So if you own a G3 and you don’t have a problem with its camera quality, I don’t think G4 is that great of a buy. I’d suggest you wait for G5. But if you’re looking for an upgrade from other flagship phones (from at least 2 years ago) and you’re thinking of getting one then G4 could be a good consideration.

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