LG’s New V20 Will Be The First Phone To Run Nougat Out Of The Box, Not A Nexus

LG V20

Google strayed from a bunch of Android traditions this year in regards to the latest version of Android. They let the general public have an early taste of the new OS and even involved them in making it better prior to final release, and now they’re breaking another tradition – the next phone to run the latest version of Android won’t be a Nexus branded phone.

You’ll see that for yourself when you visit Google’s Android Nougat webpage. At the very bottom, Google states that LG’s earlier rumored V20 smartphone will be the first to have Android Nougat out-of-the-box – not a Nexus phone.

Without detailed leaks on the new versions of Nexus smartphones from Google which suggests that they’re a few more weeks, if not months away from launch, it seems extremely likely that LG will be the first out of the gate with an Android Nougat equipped phone. That’s completely unexpected, as Google has always positioned the Nexus family of devices as the first phones to get the newest versions of Android, with new iterations launched alongside major updates.

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