LG’s Tone Studio Are Wearable Speakers

LG’s announcing a bunch of audio stuff ahead of next week’s Consumer Electronics Show before the sheer number of announcements drown their products out. We’ve already seen the levitating PJ9 Bluetooth speaker, and today the Korean company has announced their Tone Studio wearable speakers.

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Yup, you read that right – wearable speakers. As in the hang them over your neck kind. LG’s new audio swag has two upward firing speakers and two downward speakers for vibration, which they save give you a personal surround sound experience when watching a movie, playing a video game or simply streaming music. The new speakers were designed in collaboration with DTS to provide realistic theater-like sound for anybody who uses them, although we’re sure that the people beside you won’t appreciate all the noise that will be coming out from the thing. Thankfully there’s a pair of normal in-ear headphones integrated in the thing for private listening.

If you want a pair of cans that are a bit more traditional, then you might want to take a look at the Tone Free. It’s a pair of wireless cans that charge themselves whenever they’re inserted in the neckband, which keeps the battery inside the little things topped off when not in use. The neckband also gives vibration alerts for incoming calls and texts, and the Tone Free allows you to answer (or ignore) a call with voice commands.

No price has been set for both products.

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