Light Field Camera (Lytro)

A start-up company called Lytro is about to launch a product that will truly change the way we take photos daily. Their product? A Light Field Camera captures everything about the photo to the point that you can easily manipulate it’s focus even after you’ve taken the shot. You don’t need photoshop, effects, or manipulate controls and dials. Just take your photo and focus it the way you like it after.

Check out this video from All Things D. You’ll get a better idea of how revolutionary this thing truly is!

You want to get a feel for it? Check out the photo gallery at the Lytro website. It’s definitely interactive. 🙂

No price yet but the CEO did say in his interview that it will be competitively priced and it will be for regular consumers and not just professional photographers.

Thanks to Jayvee Fernandez for posting the link in our Let’s Get Digital FB Group!

Via All Things Digital

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