Light’s L16 Re-focusing Camera Gets Ship Date, International Pre-orders Get Shafted

Good news and bad news

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Light L16, that multi-camera point-and-shoot that promises to do all the things that your DSLR does, but better, we have good news and bad news. First, the good news: Light, the company behind the product, has finally announced a ship date for the camera – the device will be shipping in July for pre-order customers, and customers who signed up for beta tests will be getting their devices in May to test. Final renders for the camera have also leaked, which shows a slight redesign of the flash (now dual color flash, moved to the middle) and the grip.

Now the bad news – Light is refunding pre-order customers that are not based in the US, and is citing uncertain shipping certification as the cause of the refund. You can bet many people that aren’t in the US who wanted their hands on the re-focusing camera will be pretty pissed, though on the upside they suddenly have $1699 knocking around that they can spend elsewhere.

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