Limited Edition PIP Boy Can Pair With Your Phone


We all know about that special edition Fallout 4 version that came with its own PIP Boy prop that used your phone as the screen. But if you’re truly a die-hard Fallout fan, you’ll probably want to consider the newest product to come out of Bethesda and Vault-Tec’s assembly line: the PIP Boy Model 3000 Mk IV replica. Yup, Bethesda has gone ahead and made a working replica of the iconic gadget that doesn’t require you to stuff your phone in it. It’s a stand-alone product that pairs with your device, giving it a cool smartwatch feel.

And unlike the previous version, this PIP Boy’s knobs and buttons actually work, and it can even play audio files via the holotape reader on the top. Obviously, it’s rather clunky, and isn’t meant to be used as a daily driver, but man do we want it.


It’s also rather expensive at $350 (Php 16.1K) and is only limited to 5000 pieces. If you want one, you better have relatives or friends living in the US, Canada or Australia, as those are the only places that Think Geek will ship this thing to.

John Nieves

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