Meizu Fails in Crowdfunding the Hole-Less Meizu Zero

The phone only attained 46% of its goal

The hole-less phone is not coming into fruition: with roughly 29 backers, Meizu failed to reach its $100,000 crowdfunding goal to give the Zero a green light. With an outrageous price of $1299 for an engineering unit with last year’s Snapdragon 845 processor, it is not surprising why the Zero only raised roughly $46,000.

Founder and CEO Jack Wong justified the crowdfunding fail by stating that the crowdfunding project was more of a marketing stunt. “The holeless phone is just a development project from the R&D department, we never intended to mass-produce this project,” Wong adds.

The failure of the hole-less phone concept can be attributed to the rise of foldable phones: even if the Zero pushed for a futuristic all-wireless approach, people prefer the idea of a device that can seamlessly transform from a phone to a tablet thanks to cutting-edge flexible displays. 

On the positive side, the crowdfunding flop saved Meizu from mass producing the Zero and losing a ton of money in the process.


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