Meizu’s Pro 6 Will Have 10-LED Flash

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That ring isn’t one flash, it’s 10

Meizu’s slated to release their new high-end smartphone, the Pro 6, this week, and while the company has already given us a peek at the device’s back, a new rumor suggests that the high-end phone will have not one, not two, but ten LED flash units for better photos in the dark.

This rumor is somewhat substantiated by the ring around the autofocus window right below the camera module. We first thought it was a large flash or even a xenon flash, but rumorss are saying that’s where the 10 LED flash modules are located, making it function much like a beauty light ring.

Meizu’s set to unveil the new device in three days, so watch out till until then.


John Nieves

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  1. They haven’t even release the PRO 5 here in the PH and now they are already gearing up for another device launch. LOL

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