MiLi Power Bean

MiLi Power Bean now available in the Philippines!

Meet the MiLi Power Bean!

Smartphones offer tons of features and beautiful displays but it comes with a price: battery life. Most smartphones these days will barely last you through the day. That’s why it’s crucial that you either have a back-up spare battery or a portable mobile charger. That’s where the MiLi Power Bean comes in!

It looks cute lol

The MiLI Power Bean has 2,000mAh, that’s almost good enough for one full charge (depending on your battery capacity). It can only charge devices that use micro-USB for power like HTC, BlackBerry, and Samsung. This won’t work with Apple products like the iPhone 4S.

SRP is Php1,795. You can order online from The Online Gadgeteer on Multiply.

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  1. After using the IMP50D for several months I am very happy with the performance. I have two and keep them with me wherever I go. It has been a perfect match for my everyday use. I participate in the emergency services field and I need to be able to reliably charge several USB devices if I am in a situation where I do not have available power to plug into. I also use it regularly with I am camping with the Scouts to always ensure I can make a phone call in the event of an emergency. On trips I use it to allow my kids to charge their electronic devices in the car without having to mess with a bunch of cigarette lighter cords.

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