MiLi Power Crystal Review

MiLi Power Crystal Review

Ever since I started using Samsung Galaxy Note I’ve been looking for some stuff to make it cooler. I feel like I’m a pet-owner buying dresses in Tiendesitas because I’m always strolling around in Greenhills to see what I can find for my Note!

The Samsung Galaxy Note packs a 2,500mAh battery which is already large compared to what other smartphones have these days. However you still need some sort of back-up. 50% of the battery is usually used up by the 5.3″ Super AMOLED display. The Note’s battery will probably last around 8-12 hours of heavy use and more if moderated however it will be hard to get through the whole day without a charge. That’s why it’s good to invest in mobile chargers or battery packs. I’ve looked at several options already and I’d like to share what I found.

Mobile Li-ion Chargers (Mobile Power Bank)
This product was made specifically for the Galaxy Note. The 4,500mAh extended battery from MUGEN POWER replaces your battery and back plate. It will definitely give you more juice but the $109 USD price tag and the fact that it makes your Note fat and heavy is a big letdown. You also can’t use standard cases and pouches anymore due to the added bulk!

The next device I stumbled upon was the MiLi Power Bean. It’s definitely an attractive product because it had a check mark in all the places that mattered! It had great design, good pricing, and it also packed decent battery power. After reading about this I decided to look for one in Greenhills. I found one being sold for Php1,795 and was almost about to buy it when I found an even better option — the MiLi Power Crystal. I ended up getting it instead!

MiLi Power Crystal Unboxed

The MiLi Power Crystal comes with a nice pouch and different connectors (Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia pinhead, Samsung, LG, Apple, etc.). They also come in different colors so you can pick one that matches your personality or style. I decided to go for the green color since people rarely get that one, hehe. The charger is light coming in at 65g. You can carry easily carry it around or put it in your bag.

At the middle you’ll find a button that shows you the battery level when pressed. There’s no on/off switch so just fully charge it, bring it with you, and just connect to your mobile gadget when needed. You can charge it via USB.

The MiLi Power Crystal is a good all-around mobile charger for mobile devices. Like what we said earlier it looks nice, it’s light and portable, has good power storage, and it can charge different kinds of stuff. You’d think this would be really expensive but it only sells for Php1,650. This was definitely a good buy for me and it makes for a great companion for my Samsung Galaxy Note.


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