More Details About Samsung’s Foldable Phone Surface

It is not going to be cheap

Samsung’s ultra-premium folding phone has been in the rumor mill since last year. While it was reportedly presented in closed doors at CES 2018, little is known about the said phone.

Recently, new information about the mysterious folding phone has surfaced. For starters, it will be called the Galaxy F (for folding obviously) and it carries the model number SM-F900U. Other model numbers include SM-F900F and SM-F900N, which indicate regional releases.

As expected, the Galaxy F’s standout feature is its flexible OLED display. Little is known about its internals, save that it will come with 512GB internal storage and a unique Android UI made in partnership with Google.

The groundbreaking design will not come cheap: industry insiders point at the Galaxy F being priced at $1850, or around Php 99k when converted.

While Samsung is no longer the first brand to introduce a foldable phone (that honor goes to the Rouyu FlexPai), Samsung’s version might be the one that will make foldable phones mainstream.


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