MyPhone Teases New Phone That’s As Thin As A Pencil


MyPhone’s newest phone might be its thinnest yet

Local player MyPhone has teased a new phone that the company will be releasing in May. The video, released by MyPhone marketing exec John Luke Quintana Chica, shows a device that is thin enough to be concealed by a pencil.

You can expect the upcoming device to be as thin as 6mm, the standard diameter of a pencil. Of course, the device may turn out to be thinner than that, and use a metal frame for additional strength (plastic isn’t too tough at that thickness). No word on other specs or pricing – just that it’ll land sometime in May .


John Nieves

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  1. Very thin phone with very thin battery. Hahaha! In the end you need to buy a bulky powerbank. hahahaha!

  2. and priced at 15k. probably. c’mon local brands,get your pricing fixed. every year your flagships get more and more expensive, while international brands more or less stay the same. baka next year 20k php na mga flagships niyo.

  3. Meh, judging how the priced the Rio 2 and Lite 2 this one will sure hit the 10k+ mark, another overpriced crap from MyPhone

  4. Well, that’s amazing!

    Below is my observation on local brands here in ph.
    > prize drop si CM at sang katerbang old units pa ang meron ang local brands sa mga nasa kiosk nila.
    > Di na sila nag lalabas ng unit buwan buwan.
    > Di na sila matunog sa mga tech blogs

    The question is paano nila ima-maintain ung pasweldo nila sa tao nila at pambayad sa mga kiosk nila sa mall?

    Xiaomi, meizu, asus, huawei, alcatel is now owning mid-range smartphone market.

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