Nest Unveils New Security Camera For Home

Nest Cam

The Nest Cam keeps an eye on everything that you can’t

Nest, that Google-owned company obsessed with the internet of things responsible for the smart thermostat and smoke detector, launched their very own home surveillance solution a few days ago dubbed the Nest Cam. The Nest Cam is a product of the company’s acquisition of Drop Cam pro, which offers the same service as Nests’ current offering: give users access to an easy to use home surveillance system that they can setup in minutes. Nest’s offering uses the already established backend of Drop Cam while offering an upgraded camera for home use.

To get a better idea of how this works check out the official promotional video below:

The Nest Cam is a small, unobtrusive camera that you can plunk anywhere in your home. It connects to your home network and transmits real time images to your phone, tablet or PC in glorious full HD (if your connection can support it). It also has a night vision mode where you can see what goes bump in the night in your home, as well as record the shenanigans automatically via its motion detection feature. It’s a great product for nervous parents and for people who travel frequently but still want to keep an eye on their home. Unfortunately, the Nest Cam is a product that’s not yet available here in the PH – though you can get it in the US for around $199, or around 9K.

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  1. The Drop cam pro was a very popular model however I don’t see the nest cam to follow on it’s success.
    This shares the dead simple easy setup but also shares the fact that you can only watch a live stream, and if you want to record video a subscription is needed.

  2. @Mr.Cordell/Mr.Abe/Yugatech Team, please refer us company that sells IP camera. There was one featured article here about IP camera that sells around 5k and forgot the title of that writing. Hope you could help me. Big thanks.

  3. Has anyone used nest cam indoor successfully in the Philippine yet? I bought one here in Canada with intentions of using it in Manila but I was told by Nest that they don’t support users in the Philippines. I can’t find any other IP cams that offers cloud servers surveillance that I can subscribe to? any ideas? anyone?

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