Nokia 909: New Nokia Flagship Coming this July?


Is this the next Nokia flaghship, the Lumia 909?

Nokia’s PureView 808–41-megapixels of shooting prowess and PureView technology, and all–is rightfully one of the Finnish company’s noteworthy efforts of late. Pity, it had to skip a real smartphone platform, opting instead for Symbian and the wannabe-smartphone experience it offers. If rumors about the firm’s next flagship phone are true, though, shutterbugs who like their Nokia served with Windows Phone may finally get what they’ve been waiting for come July 11 (July 12 in the Philippines), when Nokia introduces its latest Lumia in New York.

The stitched image above comes to us via Twitter, courtesy of EVLeaks (@evleaks on Twitter), who has built a fairly sterling reputation for leaking gadgets well before their official unveiling. The device pictured above is the upcoming Nokia Lumia 909, according to EVLeaks,and it will be available on U.S. carrier AT&T, as the branding on the phone’s upper left side implies. If it looks familiar, it should–it’s also known as Lumia EOS/Lumia 1020, as it has been codenamed, depending on the source.

Again, none of this is fact until Nokia’s New York event, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from speculating what the Lumia 909 will offer. The phone will allegedly feature a 41 megapixel PureView camera engineered with Carl Zeiss optics, a Xenon flash, 32GB of built-in storage sans microSD expansion, a polycarbonate housing, similar to the Lumia 920’s shell, and the newest version of Windows Phone 8 with the forthcoming Amber update.

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