Nokia Asha 200

Nokia Asha 200 now available here in the Philippines!

Nokia Asha sells for just Php3,500 in the Philippines

The Nokia Asha 200 just costs Php3,500. Yes, it’s ridiculously affordable. You can actually opt to buy 10 Nokia Asha 200’s instead of a single iPhone 4S unit though I wouldn’t know what you’d do with 10 phones. Anyway, this phone obviously doesn’t have the best specs but it does offer pretty cool features which are worth more than what you’re paying for.

  • QWERTY Keypad – easy texting and messaging
  • Nokia Easy Swap – change SIM Cards without turning off the phone or removing the battery. You can even personalize up to 5 sim card profiles.
  • Nokia Communities – 1 click sign-in to social networks.
  • Memory – can go up to 32GB of storage! That’s a lot.

The Nokia Asha 200 also comes in different colors. My favorites are the blue and the black models. I’m sure some of you are hot on the pink variant, lol. Anyway, if you want one just go to an official Nokia distributor or Nokia store.

For more information, click here to go to the Nokia website.

Before you buy

Note that this phone can’t do WiFi or 3G. You’ll have to rely on Edge or GPRS for data. It’s more of an SMS/Call device with additional features.

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